About Us

This blog is written by Emily F. and Emily K. who both reside in Eugene, Oregon. They enjoy the finer things of life like food, good wine, great whiskey, pop culture, music, and the outdoors. In their spare time they attend law school.

This is what we looked liked as wee little  tots:

EK with Pink Bunny

EF with her bro

Finding our  joint fondness for costume at a young age:

EK just hanging as a semi-creepy dancing clown thing

Just a standard evening in the EF household

Then we hit that awkward 10-year old stage: 

EF had a short-lived career as a glockenspiel player

EK got herself a dance career that put her in allll kinds of awkward outfits

A mere 16 years later, this lovely blog was created. We hope you enjoy it!