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Month: April, 2012

Talking about Hockey?

Now to take a break from our usual discussion and discuss sports…hockey, in particular. Yep, you read that right. Now I don’t really follow hockey and if I had to guess who would be writing a hockey post I’d have assumed EK since her cousin is likely going to be playing in the NHL (woot woot!) BUT my little ol’ alma mater of 2,100 students in upstate NY (Schenectady to be exact) has made it to the Frozen Four – which is hockey’s equivalent to the Final Four – I am beaming with pride and figured since I had a soap box (this blog), I better spread their success and my enthusiasm with all 18.4 readers of this blog.

They play today at 1:30 PST (4:30 EST) against Ferris State (some school in MI). Let’s go U!

If you are oddly interested, here is some press the team and my school has been getting:

Sports Illustrated

NY Times Blog


NY Times 


Baaaaaaack with a Monday Morning Song

So spring break is over – lame – but that means we will be posting more often – woo! – anyway, back in the early days of our friendship EK and I bonded over this Wiz song:



So I thought, what  better guy to express our post-break hangover and we don’t give a s@&t about this last month of law school attitude then Wiz. Here is one of his more recent songs – though not  “Young, Wild & Free” (which I’m super into and I don’t care who knows it)



Hope everyone had a lovely last week of March and that you too got to get away



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