Bach Break for the Women Tell All

by emilynemilynabottleofwine

This is how we feel about the "Women Tell All" episode

Beyond that photo, which pretty accurately sums up how we felt after spending two hours watching last nights women tell all episode, I’ll leave you with some final reflections:

Emily – You annoyed us. Get over the dramz

Courtney – Were you faking those tears?

Random Lady in the Audience Wiping a Tear from Her Face – Really?!?

Samantha – Get a new voice

That Chick Sitting Behind Kacie B. – Who are you?! and why are you on this if you aren’t going to speak?

Kacie B. and Nicki – Y’all sure held hands a lot

Ben – You still REALLY suck plus there is this. What a bro.

Tune in next week, post bach finale, for our thorough recap of everything under the Bachelor Sun and how we can’t believe he really picks Courtney (according to “Reality Steve”). I’ll leave you with this fitting Spice Girls (yes, you did just read that right) tune in honor of next week’s episode: