Leap Day – Little Known “Facts”

by emilynemilynabottleofwine

I don’t know about you, but this has already been a weird Leap Day. With that,  I bring you 5 things that are tangentially related to this random little day in February that you probably want to know:

1) You have a 1 in 1461 chance of being born on Leap Day (accuracy here is not guaranteed).

2) To make a Leap Year Cocktail you will need gin, grand marnier, vermouth, squeeze of lemon. Shake over ice and then serve.

3)After getting a little Leap Year Cocktail buzz on,  you may, or may not, have the urge to dance to this song (one of the only songs I could find that has the title “leap year” in it).

It’s kinda sloooooow.  So might I suggest that you and your leap year buzz dance to this song instead (as “jump” is a synonym  of “leap” it’s okay) . . .

4) Ja Rule was born on Leap Day in 1976 …. yaaa buddy

What a Little Leap Baby

5) This Clip from 30 Rocks Leap Day Episode: