Finally, Pfeiffer

by emilynemilynabottleofwine

So last weekend we finally made it out to Pfeiffer Vineyards, after much anticipation. The website photo is deceiving … we thought we would be pulling up to this fantastic “chateau”


Instead…… we rolled up to this building.


Getting past this initial shock (we later learned the fancy building is where the owners of the vineyard live, and it can be rented out for special occasions), we entered the tasting room with open minds and open mouths.

The vineyard uses environmentally friendly practices to make their wine. And as aspiring environmental law lawyers, we appreciate these efforts (it almost legitimizes our wine consumption … almost). These wine barrels used as plant stands were also a nice touch.

On to the wine, they had quite the selection for tasting!

However….. it was kind of pricey, even just to do a tasting! There was a white flight (6 wines), a red flight (4 wines), or you could do both. Obviously, we did both. But, it costed us! (Or should I say it cost costed EF’s dad money.. thanks again!) It was $20 to taste all ten wines, but it included a lovely wine glass that we got to take home with us.

The white flight. Most of the whites were WAY too sweet for our palates. So not really our cup of tea.

The red flight was a big improvement. We even got to try a wine that was served at Obama’s pre-inaugural dinner! Super exciting, and delicious.

All in all, I am glad we made the ride out there. It was a beautiful estate, the owners are VERY active on the property – we saw them working on the fields and in the tasting room with visitors, and the red wine is fantastic.

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