Bach Off Pt. 2

by emilynemilynabottleofwine

Monday night, and you know what that means followers – the Bachelor. Off the 6 ladies went to Belize while we ate our homemade curry, sipped on a cab merlot mix, and the debate over Courtney raged on.

I’m the first to admit that Courtney is clearly BSC (bat shit crazy), but at this point she is the bus driver of the entire show. All the other girls do is talk about her, not about Ben, all the producers focus on is Courtney sulking with her tea or stalking with her claws out, and all Ben hears about is info about Courtney or Courtney’s take on herself. She is a master manipulator, and while the show tries to stand on the legs that they truly want those involved to find love this cannot be true.

Rachel, from EF’s home town and arguably the most ‘real’ girl on the show was BORING because her relationship with Ben was SLOW. Slow in the Bachelor world is not falling in love after the first date – how weird is that?

She's from Massachusetts

In comparison…

An actual quote, good one Courtney.

She says ridiculous things, but she speaks the truth. If it is a competition between her and desperate Kacie B, Courtney would eat her like the black widow she is described to be. And Ben wouldn’t even bat an eye because all he can see is this …

Actual quote "I'm soooo wet right now"

But, I found this little gem from Courtney’s own website, and so I know she must be in it for the right reasons …. right????

What Courtney truly believes in

But honestly, anyone who is willing to mack on Ben must crazy, AND blind for that matter, because he looks like a wet poodle lost at sea.

Too many choices!

Anyways, as the debate rages on between us, I will leave you this gem EF found. Comment and let us know where you fall in the great Courtney debate!