EK/EF BATTLE: Bach-off

by emilynemilynabottleofwine

Our loyal readers are probably aware of our affinity for bad television. This includes ABC’s “The Bachelor.”  While EK and I often agree on our personal opinions of reality stars we’ve never actually met…..we have come to a massive divide over this Bach season’s potential, and likely (according to this website), fiance- Courtney Robertson.

Thus, we figured the only logical way to resolve this dispute was to have a Bach-off. EK sent me her top 5 reasons she is pro-Courtney and gave me time to respond.  The results of the Great Courtney Debate are below:

EK’s Top 5 Reasons for Loving Courtney

  1. Red Wine
    • Always seen with it in her hand, and taking sips.  We all know how much I love red wine
  1. Assertiveness
    • Going after ben is the whole point, and she does it well
  1. Not a sorority sister
    • Courtney is not there to make friends, share secrets, or frolic around
  1. Lets Be Honest
    • She Reinforces that the show is not about love its about ratings
  1. #winning

EF’s 5 Reasons Why Courtney Sucks

  1. She makes faces like this ALL the time:

This great bach website  posts the super awkward faces Courtney makes every episode- check it out! Here is one of the many examples the website highlights:

Source: Accept the Rose Tumblr

2. She breaks girl code

    • I get that it’s a competition, but you don’t see any of the other girls frolicking in a pool behind ben and another girl when they are trying to have a conversation. Where is the mutual respect??  To quote a friend ” She should care more about her friendships with the women than a “relationship” with a dick-head man with horrible hair that’s going nowhere”

     3. She just acts desperate

    • It ain’t cuuuuute.

     4. Everybody loves to hate the villain

    5. She dated D-Lister Jesse Metcalfe, from that “hit movie” John Tucker Must Die

    • cough cough, fame whore, cough cough

You can check out Courtney’s sweet silent acting skillzzzz here:

That’s all we wrote! Please feel free to add  your own thoughts on the Great Courtney Debate in the comment section of this blog. If we can figure it out, maybe we’ll even put up a lil’ poll to finally determine where this blog’s allegiances lay.