Never drinking wine again … at least not today.

by emilynemilynabottleofwine

After a weekend of A LOT of wine, I’ve made the executive decision that I need to cut back on wine, at least until tomorrow. Yesterday EF and I went on a winery tour, and many bottles were consumed. We will blog about our winery day in more detail later because frankly, I don’t have the energy. But we know we have neglected our fans, so I just wanted to wet your appetites . . .

So the other night I mentioned that we had dined at a professor’s house. He pulled out some pretty spectacular bottles of wine including a surprising Riesling from Sonoma County. 

Usually, we hate Rieslings. Why? Because it tastes like we are sipping on a jolly rancher. But Navarro Vineyards does a spectacular job with their rieslings, should I go as far to say we have converted? Well, probably not. But if we had $18 to spend on a bottle of white, we would definitely spend our money on this.

I’ll leave you with a song … until Monday blog fans, thanks for reading !

 (coming to our town March 2!)