It’s Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday

by emilynemilynabottleofwine

Yesterday evening we went out for pizza at one of our local fave spots, La Perla. The atmosphere is always great (although last night was pretty loud because there was a women’s basketball or volleyball team gettin’ rowdy.) But, the way La Perla is set up, you can watch your pizza being made and put into a large brick oven, which is always entertaining.

We decided to splurge on a bottle of wine ($28, regularly retails for $14). There were three of us out to eat, and two of the three had had difficult and trying weeks (not me), and so we decided we could justify this purchase. We ended up picking Kris Pinot Noir. I wasn’t sure what to expect from an Italian Pinor Noir, having lived in Oregon’s Willamette Valley for almost three years, I have developed a snobbish palate for this particular variety of reds. I was pleasantly surprised! It was a delightful wine, and definitely got my seal of approval. So if you are out to eat at an Italian restaurant, or find yourself in a wine store with great selection, give this wine a try! You will not be disappointed.


Prima Vera Pizza

Buon Appetito!