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Month: January, 2012


We LOVE Pinterest. Go ahead and laugh about that for about a minute, and then go to the site, get addicted, and we will laugh at you. This blog entry called “#pinning” will hopefully be a weekly collection to our blog of our fav pin finds of the week. So far this week … these are the outstanding favorites that have made our cut.

1. Breakfast Sandwiches

Source: spoonforkbacon.com via Mollica on Pinterest

We would substitute the italian ham for tomato and peppers, most likely.

2. Bottle carrier for the bike

Source: Uploaded by user via Melissa on Pinterest

4. A healthy non-chicken chicken salad


5. Cooking whilst camping

Source: eartheasy.com via Ann on Pinterest

6. We love picnic tables

Source: sweetlittlesnippets.tumblr.com via Jimmy on Pinterest

7. Wine Cellar Aspirations

Source: srgambrel.com via lise on Pinterest


WTF Santa

EK and I were hanging out and I rediscovered the coasters that were given to me in my stocking this year by “Santa” and decided to put them out so that our wine glasses filled with Beaulieu Vineyard Coastal Estates Merlot ($10 at the local convenience store which EK says overprices their wine….) did not stain the coffee table. It was then that I realized Santa may have been sending me a little message beyond the normal “don’t ruin your furniture – use these coasters.”  Take a look for yourself.


Because I can

Source: google.com via Reb on Pinterest

Answer me this: Who doesn’t love the P-Swayz? If the first answer to pop in your head wasn’t, “ummm, no one,” then you likely should just leave this little ol’ blog,  maybe go check out the Economist or something equally as thrilling.

For those of you still on the P-Swayz train, did you know that there is an Official Patrick Swayze International Fan Club. I didn’t, until I googled his name a mere 5 minutes ago (for all those interested you can find the club’s website here). This website is full of information and so I thought I would include some fun facts about our dear friend Patrick for all of our awesome 19 readers.

FUN FACT ONE: Patrick was a former Roman Catholic, Baptist, Buddhist and Scientologist.

FUN FACT TWO  (this one is for EK): Patrick and Lisa (his wife) were doing “Pilates” fitness exercises for more than 25 years, long before it became the “in” thing to do!! Pilates keeps you supple, fit and strong for dancing.  Isn’t the International Patrick Club’s description of pilates spot on. 

FUN FACT THREE: Patrick wrote (okay, okay. Co-wrote), composed, and SANG this smash from everyone’s favorite “Dirty Dancing”

FUN FACT FOUR:  On September 1 2006, Patrick was bitten by Sharon Osbourne’s Pomeranian dog, named Maggie

FUN FACT FIVE: Patrick was crazy about sushi

Whelp, I hope you have enjoyed this trip on the P-Swayz train. Until next time, don’t let anyone put you in a corner.

“Who knew a stripper could be good at baseball?”

How do we make it through mondays? With a little wine, crappy television, and some great cooking. This monday was no different. To start, were some black bean burgers. EF has already mastered one veggie burger, and so tonight I suggested a little diversion from the usual, and it was great! I found this recipe online, and it did not disappoint. I added paprika, chili flakes, and some cajun seasoning in substitute of the chili powder. Also, a few extra dabs of the Sriracha to really bring this burger over the top. It was easy, quick, and enjoyable. We cooked it for about 7 minutes longer than recommended. We enjoyed our vurgers with some Red Chair, an Oregon beer from Bend.

So to get to the point, Monday nights usual equate to The Bachelor. We know from Reality Steve that Ben will pick Courtney, but EF isn’t convinced. I, on the other hand, truly enjoyed her one liners tonight. Including, but not limited to, the title of our blog for this evening – courtesy of Courtney.

I’ll leave you with a pic of our fantastic dinner. Black bean burger on a whole wheat english muffin, topped with tomato and baby arugula salad. Delish!

Monday Morning Tune

I got Dave Rawlings Machine “A Friend of a Friend” from a cousin over christmas. On one of our jaunts around town, EK and I were listening to it and really fell for this song. Not like you can really  go wrong with any Dave Rawlings and Gillian Welch song, but this one is a toe-tappin good time.  Hope everyone is having a good start to their week – enjoy!


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